Get ready to RUMBLE with MayaData and OpenEBS at Kubecon San Diego’19

KubeCon San Diego is less than a week away, and at MayaData, we are as excited and thrilled as we can be.

Our team of experts from MayaData and OpenEBS will be hanging out at booth #SE23. Visit us, get a demo of all the MayaData offerings, and pick up some cool MayaData swag. The 4-day conference starts Nov 18th, 2019, and finishes Nov 21st, 2019.


KubeCon + CloudNativeCon is the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference that gathers technologists and adopters from the leading Cloud-Native and Open Source communities. Attendees get the opportunity to interact with members of Kubernetes, Prometheus, OpenTracing, gRPC, Fluentd, rkt, containerd, CNI, Jaeger, Envoy, Notary, Vitess, CoreDNS, TUF, NATS, Helm, and Linkerd communities as they gather over four days to further the advancement and education of cloud-native computing.

In this blog, I’ll give a quick recap of the previous KubeCons and KubeCon San Diego 2019. Also, at the end of the blog, I have some exciting news to share (free beer!). Without further adieu, let’s get started.

The KubeAcademy organized and ran the inaugural KubeCon conference in November 2015 in San Francisco. KubeCon rapidly grew from 500 attendees in 2015 to about 8000+ of closest Kubernetes friends at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2018. That’s a 1500 percent attendance increase in four years of KubeCon North America.

KubeCon North America 2015

The Kubernetes ecosystem has noticeably matured over the last year. Kubernetes has become the most viable way for companies to build new or modernize existing applications in a cloud environment. KubeCon San Diego 2019 will witness about 12,000 attendees. Amazing, isn’t it?

For those presenting, a piece of advice for your presentation would be to make sure it is well-reviewed and that you have practiced it several times. Read about our personal experiences from KubeCon Europe 2019 and KubeCon North America 2018.

Also, here’s a checklist of what needs to be brought to make sure your event is more enjoyable and fruitful

  1. A laptop.
  2. A bag - to carry all the swag :D
  3. Freed up phone memory - to capture the images.
  4. Select the talks/speakers you would like to listen to in advance.
  5. At least 20 business cards per day when you’re at the conference.
  6. Pin your Kubecon registration email to pick up the pass easily at the entrance.
  7. Ensure to sleep well and be rested for the next days’ events.
  8. Pack your best smile and spread cheer at one of CNCF’s largest events.

Last but not least, we have an exciting FREE Kubernetes and OpenEBS technical workshop and Meetup event at KubeCon San Diego, on Nov 18th, 2019.Register for the joint webinar by MayaData and D2iQ

The Kubernetes and OpenEBS Workshop starts at 10:30 AM, followed by a happy hour, which begins at 05:30 PM hosting local micro-breweries on the rooftop along with fireside chat with some key Kubernetes and OpenEBS Contributors. For registrations and more details, click here.

Not attending Kubecon? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Register for the joint webinar by MayaData and D2iQ on Nov 18th, 2019. In this webinar, we will share the best practices for Kubernetes data management and what are the benefits of using OpenEBS & OpenEBS Director by MayaData.

Have funKubeCon is all about community, and we’re excited to meet you. Don’t forget to stop by our booth #SE23 to meet us.

See you there!

Don Williams
Don is the CEO of MayaData and leading the company for last one year. He has an exceptional record of accomplishments leading technology teams for organizations ranging from private equity-backed start-ups to large, global corporations. He has deep experience in engineering, operations, and product development in highly technical and competitive marketplaces. His extensive professional network in several industries, large corporations and government agencies is a significant asset to early stage businesses, often essential to achieve product placement, growth and position for potential exit strategies.
Kiran Mova
Kiran evangelizes open culture and open-source execution models and is a lead maintainer and contributor to the OpenEBS project. Passionate about Kubernetes and Storage Orchestration. Contributor and Maintainer OpenEBS projects. Co-founder and Chief Architect at MayaData Inc.
Murat Karslioglu
VP @OpenEBS & @MayaData_Inc. Murat Karslioglu is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, and startup advisor with over 15 years of experience in storage, distributed systems, and enterprise hardware development. Prior to joining MayaData, Murat worked at Hewlett Packard Enterprise / 3PAR Storage in various advanced development projects including storage file stack performance optimization and the storage management stack for HPE’s Hyper-converged solution. Before joining HPE, Murat led virtualization and OpenStack integration projects within the Nexenta CTO Office. Murat holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the Sakarya University, Turkey, as well as a number of IT certifications. When he is not in his lab, he loves to travel, advise startups, and spend time with his family. Lives to innovate! Opinions my own!