Get started with DOKS and OpenEBS this Hacktoberfest

You may already be celebrating Hacktoberfest with your contributions to various open-source projects. If not, contributing to OpenEBS is a great place to start. Read our Hacktoberfest launch blog here.

OpenEBS and Hacktoberfest

Your OpenEBS Hacktoberfest journey is made easy on DigitalOcean cloud because it provides

  • DOKS (It is their Kubernetes Service)
  • OpenEBS on their MarketPlace, and even
  • A $50 credit for Hacktoberfest

What more motivation one needs to start playing with OpenEBS. It’s easy, and it’s free!

Create an account and get $50 credit

First things first, start with a new account. You will still need a credit card for creating an account, but with the included $50 credit, you can run a Kubernetes Cluster and OpenEBS on few block devices and test your code changes for at least a couple of weeks. So getting started with Hacktoberfest is free.



Simply go register, verify your email, and billing, and you have a $50 credit.

Spin up a Kubernetes Cluster and install OpenEBS

OpenEBS is available on the DO marketplace. Follow this article in the MayaData Help Center for step by step instructions to install and configure OpenEBS.

Spin up Kubernetes cluster


Connect the Cluster to OpenEBS Director Online for easy monitoring

OpenEBS visibility becomes easy with Director Online. Follow the steps here to connect your newly installed Kubernetes cluster to Director Online.

Director Online for easy monitoring


Contributing to OpenEBS

There are many ways to contribute. Easiest is to help in improving the documentation. You can access existing OpenEBS docs here. Setup OpenEBS and start using it as storage for your stateful applications and as a solution for your cloud-native data management needs. If you see any issues in the documentation or possible improvements in the documentation, create an issue on and submit a doc PR. That is a valuable contribution to Hacktoberfest; we’d love to see.

There are many other good-first-issues you can find here. Our community is available on Slack, and discussions specific to contributors happen in the #contributors channel. We welcome you there to ask any questions on Hacktoberfest or setting up OpenEBS on Digital Ocean.

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