Container Attached Storage (CAS)— A video primer

I had the opportunity to speak at SNIA conference recently about the new architecture for cloud native storage — Container Attached Storage.

CAS- SNIA Conference

The video session is posted at-

SNIA session slides are posted at- Slides

OpenEBS is being used at hundreds of deployments and is famously known for how fast the user can bring up the storage for a stateful application on Kubernetes. Evan Powell also discussed more details about CAS at the CNCF blog post — here is a summary of CAS and benefits.

Summary of CAS

  • Data for stateful applications is containerized so that the data pods can be managed and orchestrated natively by Kubernetes

  • Each stateful workload can have a dedicated storage controller, thereby increasing the policy flexibility to the maximum

Try OpenEBS

With OpenEBS 0.6 release, we have added support for snapshots and clones. OpenEBS is still the easiest cloud-native storage solution for Kubernetes today. Installation is as simple as running a helm chart. Provisioning and managing OpenEBS does not need special knowledge as it is integrated into Kubernetes orchestration model.

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